Black Friday

Every shopaholic in the world is longingly waiting for the year’s major shopping event: Black Friday. This special day marks 24 hours of best promo deals across the world, both in supermarkets and online stores.  


When is Black Friday happening in 2019? will ease your curiosity and answer the question every shopper is eagerly asking: Black Friday 2019 will start on November 29, right when the clock turns to a new day at midnight.

You might think you have plenty of time to wait after midnight, but beware – stores are preparing themselves for Black Friday shopping madness and the shopping frenzy gets started as soon as it’s 23rd.

2019 Black Friday is expected to be even bigger than in the past since the shopping holiday has become increasingly more popular as the years have passed, so you can expect to find even better offers from your favorite stores.


Black Friday origin


The holiday is actually something arisen from the modern consumerism. In fact, it got its start from the early 50s-60s in America.

Black Friday is always the day following Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays in the United States. As the end of Thanksgiving marks, in some ways, the beginning of Christmas, Black Friday is known as the official start for the major Christmas shopping season.

Since 2005 though, Black Friday has become such a sensational shopping day that it’s regarded to as a separate holiday. Many companies are even giving the day off for their employees.

The main factor making the day so huge is the sheer volume of discounts and promotional offers which, understandably, no shopper would ever want to miss.

Why Black Friday is called that way, remains a question, though the main reasons are huge traffic jams and overall congestion.


Where can you shop on Black Friday 2019?


You can bet that stores like Rebel, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Cotton On, Priceline, Costco, Kmart  will most definitely pamper you with deals you can’t even believe to be true. On the national shopping holiday, you can find massive discounts for products like:


  • electronics and technology;

  • furniture and home décor;

  • clothing, footwear, and other fashion items;

  • cosmetics, health products, and many other items.


As mentioned though, shopping starts right at midnight and since the discounts are unbelievably huge, products are sold out quicker than you can imagine.

To make shopping easier for you, you can find dozens of promotional brochures at and even via our app. With you can be sure you won’t have to walk away disappointed and can grab all the special offers before others get their hands on them.


How to find the offers?


To find more info, just visit our website or get our app which makes online shopping a breeze. No hassle – all your favorite stores and their offers are in your fingertips within a matter of seconds!

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